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Dear Website Owner,

I will keep this letter short and simple. As long as you own a website of any kind, you need this one essential ingredient: i's called traffic.

If you are in business or for profit, you will know that web traffic and targeted  web traffic are crucial to the website as location is to real estate.

Without traffic, a website - or an Online Business - will suffer, deteriorate, wither out, and eventually die. This will put your entire efforts to shame and waste because even the best sales copy ever written will not see a chance to be put to the test. And you will never find out if your offer actually converts visitors into customers in the first place.

And NOT just any traffic will do - you need targeted web traffic.

The truth is that sending the right visitors to the right websites AND doing this in volumes - require skilled education. This isn't something you can achieve with your eyes blindfolded, not unless you already know what you are doing.

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How to Get Targeted Traffic vs Non-Targeted Traffic

01. Article marketing
02. Forum marketing
03. Traffic exchanges
04. Free classifieds
05. Press releases
06. Resource box
07. Email
08. Google AdWords
09. Title tag
10. Submission to directories
11. HubPage and Squidoo
12. Link Exchange partnership
13. Joint ventures
14. Affiliate programming
15. Subscriber list
16. Tell-a-friend
17. Paid reviews
18. Re-visits
19. Error page
20. Promotion
21. Offers
22. Yahoo! answers
23. Customer support
24. Commenting
25. Screensaver
26. Keywords
27. eBay
28. Blog entries
29. Advertisement
30. Pay-Per-Lead*

Important Principles and Tips on Getting Traffic

01. Quantity of traffic
02. Quality of traffic
03. Non-targeted traffic
04. Targeted traffic
05. RSS
06. Email subscription
08. Opt in box
09. Free traffic
10. Patience is virtue
11. Videos
12. The right message
13. Solve
14. Target audience
15. Competitors
16. Innovative ads
17. Be regular
18. Variety
19. Digg styles are in
20. Niche marketing
21. Sign ups
22. Web Theme
23. Involve the subscribers and visitors
24. Postcards and business cards
25. Exchanges with other marketers can also help
26. You can give away free e-books to visitors
27. Signature
28. Communities
29. Testing
30. Web space

What You Must Know About Traffic Building as a Webmaster

01. Keyword research
02. Uncluttered website
03. Neat web pages
04. Meta tags
05. Avoid repetition of keywords
06. Relevancy
07. Home page
08. Intranet
09. Avoid redirect pages
10. Analysis program
11. Take it easy
12. Control of error
13. Maintain a record
14. Improve your webpage rank
15. Upgradation
16. Complete web design
17. Be a skilled webmaster
18. Know what you want
19. Organic listings
20. Common words
21. Javascripts
22. CGI scripts
23. No broken links
24. Avoid frames
25. Dedicated server
26. Auto-surf traffic
27. Buying traffic or impressions
28. Tell-a- friend script
29. The importance of back links
30. Alexa banners

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