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Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #3:
Long Term Traffic Tactics

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Article Marketing Tactics for Targeted Traffic

01. Avail the advantages of Article marketing campaigns
02. Overcoming setbacks
03. Focus on the writing style
04. Quality
05. Frequency
06. Wide genre
07. Hiring ghostwriters
08. Write for popular websites
09. Specialized directories
10. How to use leading search engines
11. Success through search engines
12. How to improve
13. Keyword usage
14. Regular submission
15. Display your picture along side your article
16. How to register in such sites
17. Use multiple identities effectively
18. Use blogs for auto-syndication of articles
19. RSS feeds
20. Exclusive articles
21. Terms for exclusivity
22. Podcasting
23. Power of Podcasting
24. Using Squidoo
25. Quality matters
26. Affiliates
27. Networking
28. Sharing Information
29. Comment
30. Act

Blog for Traffic Tactics

01. Use the right software
02. Blog hosting
03. Title tag
04. Article marketing
05. Tagging
06. Technorati
07. Boosting blog's visibility
08. WTF at Technorati
09. Rate and ranks
10. Blog commenting
11. Choose your blog topics
12. Intelligent linking
13. Invite contributors
14. Interaction
15. Provide answers!
16. Tracking visitors
17. Charisma
18. Proper archives
19. Blog URL
20. Sharing information
21. Don't go overboard
22. Link bait
23. Writing style
24. Branding tool
25. Blog submission
26. Yahoo feed
27. Google Adwords
28. Blog name
29. Frequency of blog posts
30. Signatures

Search Engine Traffic Tactics

01. Domain age
02. Regular upgrade
03. Write for your visitors
04. Press releases
05. Flash
06. Meta tags
07. Heading tag
08. Site map
09. Keywords
10. External links
11. Business address
12. Article distribution
13. Images
14. Multiple domains
15. Link exchange
16. Link titles
17. Anchoring text
18. Keyword research
19. New PPC account
20. Keyword stuffing
21. Invisible content
22. Heading tags
23. Link farms
24. Scope for improvement
25. Be patient
26. Set goals
27. Make the best site
28. SEO friendly URL
29. Consider blogging
30. Use tools

Social Media Site Optimization Traffic Tactics

01. SMO
02. Nickname
03. Build your name
04. Be organized
05. Cross bookmarking
06. Social relationship
07. Research
08. Trust and relationship
09. Link bait
10. Posting links
11. Natural links
12. Interesting content
13. Know your customers
14. Arouse interest
15. Don't be panicky
16. Have patience
17. Proper reply
18. Crisp responses
19. Yahoo answers
20. Videos
21. Using pictures
22. StumbleUpon
23. Digg
25. Listible
26. Technorati
27. Get into groups
28. Traveling content
29. Inbound links
30. Upload your videos

Tactics to Maintain Web Traffic Flow

01. Link exchange
02. Make use of proper keywords and also proper key phrases
03. Submit articles that are interesting to read
04. Offer a news letter on your website
05. Advertise well
06. Share your opinion by joining forums and creating online communities
07. Exchange links
08. Traffic exchange
09. Make a newsletter
10. Understand the working of search engines
11. Pay per click program
12. Inbound links
13. Email marketing
14. Blogs and RSS feed
15. Try the social media and book marking web sites
16. You can try other offline sources
17. Organize your website well
18. Stick to your central theme
19. Other benefits of sticking to a central theme
20. Provide user friendly information
21. Get a keyword research done
22. Create a simple and elegant design
23. On-site optimization
24. Create a title
25. Post new content
26. Remain active on the Internet
27. Link
28. Ezine advertising
29. Distributing free report
30. Submit your website to social book marking sites

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