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I will keep this letter short and simple. As long as you own a website of any kind, you need this one essential ingredient: i's called traffic.

If you are in business or for profit, you will know that traffic, web traffic and again web targeted traffic is crucial to the website as fuel, oil, and energy to your vehicle.

Without web traffic traffic, a website - or an Online Business - will suffer, deteriorate, wither out, and eventually die. This will put your entire efforts to shame and waste because even the best sales copy ever written will not see a chance to be put to the test. And you will never find out if your offer actually converts visitors into customers in the first place.

And NOT just any traffic will do - you need targeted web traffic.

The truth is that sending the right visitors to the right websites AND doing this in volumes - require skilled education. This isn't something you can achieve with your eyes blindfolded, not unless you already know what you are doing.

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Offline Traffic Tactics

01. Guest star on a radio talk show
02. Get yourself on television
03. Be a guest speaker
04. Make yourself into an expert
05. Advertise in a local magazine
06. Get in a newsletter
07. Put up a billboard
08. Place newspaper ads
09. Hand out flyers
10. Use direct mailings
11. Start up a telemarketing campaign
12. Print up business cards
13. Sponsor a contest
14. Sponsor a sports team
15. Give to charity
16. Get in the church bulletin
17. Develop an offline affiliate program
18. Become a news story
19. Host promotional product giveaways
20. Print up tee shirts
21. Pass out bumper stickers
22. Use the old stand by of word of mouth
23. Set up shop at fairs or festivals
24. Print up pamphlets
25. Send out text messages
26. Post ads on bulletin boards
27. Be a part of the Sunday paper
28. Team up with a local business
29. Create a phone book listing
30. Think outside the box

Social Networking Traffic Tactics

01. Go where the people are
02. Optimize for best results
03. Add friends carefully
04. Add content with care
05. Use multi-media
06. Be aware of your audience
07. State your purpose
08. Follow the rules
09. Keep it updated
10. Use photos
11. Try social media sharing sites
12. Customize
13. Watch for hackers!
14. Choose a reliable service
15. Understand the network
16. Take advantage of groups
17. Fill out your profile
18. Use all the features
19. Don't sell
20. Be professional but friendly
21. Go public
22. Visit others pages
23. Stay active
24. Add target content
25. Link your site
26. Choose a theme
27. Learn how the site works and how to use it
28. Don't be afraid to share
29. Be honest
30. Constantly reach out to others*

Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

01. Demonstrate how to use your products
02. Give a complete and accurate picture of what you are selling
03. Convey how important the customer is to you
04. Demonstrate the unique qualities of your product
05. Put testimonials in your video
06. Back up your printed information with the video
07. Use every aspect of video
08. Make it compelling
09. Think hard about how your video is presented
10. Reuse old video to make something new
11. Keep your video professional
12. Do not overwhelm the consumer
13. Tailor the video to your target market
14. Get creative
15. Place it wisely
16. Stick with one basic message
17. Do not forget to edit
18. Test your video
19. Give options to the consumer
20. Change your video on occasion
21. Choose the images and people in your video carefully
22. Get ideas from commercials
23. Try to keep costs low
24. Scope out other internet videos
25. Understand the power of video
26. Use emotion
27. Take full advantage of all the attention you get
28. Keep it simple
29. Don't over sell
30. Show, not tell

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